EPISODE 7 – Future Proofing and Client Needs

Episode 7 of Digitally Built brings you a couple of Chris and Jesse’s latest thoughts on setting protocols for your workflow, and how to future proof the management of all your data.  We also discuss meeting clients needs based on their needs, not yours.


EPISODE 6 – Story

A story is the basic building block of any film, book, song, photo, website, etc.  Without knowing the story, it’s hard to know your direction, and where you’re going.  We discuss what we look at when developing a story.

EPISODE 4 – Goal Setting and Productivity Apps

In this episode we discuss creating life goals.  Building a business and maintaining a social/family life takes a lot of work, and by planning out future goals can help keep you on track for what you really want in life.  We also discuss apps for business and creative productivity, as well as the importance of knowing your tools in your work.

EPISODE 2 – Leadership & Gear Talk

In this episode we borrow an article from Michael Hyatt on Eight Great Leadership lessons that he learned from Martin Luther King,jrs famous I Have a Dream speech. We relate these leadership skills to our own businesses. We also discuss film gear such as the Panasonic GH3, Sony F35, Black Magic Cinema Camera, and other odds and ends. We also announce our first guest coming in episode 3